Monday, 4 August 2014

Workshops Today...

--English-- (only english)
...Today we all did a second day of workshop activities. 
There was a few different options such as :

1. Fishing and Beekeeping - In this workshop we had a look at the different types of bees and bee hives and learned how to make honey and tasted some(it as interesting and delicious). We learned about the different species of fish living in the lake on our site after words we fished and one of our scouts caught a massive fish that the fisher men didn't even know was in the lake. 

2. Climbing - In the workshop we walked about 20 minutes from our campsite. When we Finally made it to the climbing wall,We got our safety gear on and two people at a time climbed 8 meters upwards. There was four different wall that you could climb up. 1. straight up 2. straight up with a few bumbs 3. there was a hang-over 4. diagonal.

3. Canoeing - In this Workshop we had to get up early. We took to trains to get to the River Lahn. We got ready and got into the water at 11 and firstly went through a tunnel. We went through a lot of locks and learned how they work. We were canoeing for a very long time and eventually stopped for lunch because we were staving. After lunch we went canoeing for 15k and went back to camp and everyone was very tired. 

4. What the day might bring - In this workshop we got fruit such as - Bananas,Apples,Oranges,Grapes,Berries and made cocktails. Afterwards we went swimming.

5. Outdoor adventure - (nobody available to write)

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